Product Description

5PCS Drum Set

Drum Shell Material: Poplar Plywood



5PC DRUM SET W/CYMBALS & DRUM THRONE - Drums Assembled with Alum.Lugs   - Alum. Bass Drum Bracket & Tom Tom Brackets
Bass Drum 22" x 16" x 12-Lug
Floor Tom Tom 16" x 16" x 12-Lug
Snare Drum 14" x 5.5" x 12-Lug
Tom Tom 12" x 8" x 10-Lug
10" x 7" x 10-Lug 
Cymbal Stand 1pc (Ф22-19-16mm)
Cymbal Boom Stand -
Hi-Hat Stand 1pc (Ф22-19mm)
Snare Stand 1pc (Ф22-19mm)
Bass Drum Pedal  1pc
Drum Throne 1pc
Drum Stick 1pr
Cymbals (Steel)  14" x 2pcs & 16" x 1pc  
Cymbal Holder -
Color -
Drum Shell Material Poplar Plywood 


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