TA FENG LONG ENTERPISE CO., LTD. was established by Mr. Apollo C.H. Hsu in 1970. The main business was for export trading in the musical instruments, hardware, machine tools, suitcases, luggages, stationery & sporting goods.



For strictly making the quality control for the shipment Mr. Hsu erected the 1st factory called TAFENGLONG ENT. CO., LTD, engaged in making the percussion instruments such as the drum sets, bongos, marching drums & etc. in 1977. It was located in Taiping, Taichung county 1977, of which the premises are about 990 square meter w/25 employees.



In order to meet the demand of great growing business the 2nd factory was set up in 1985 with a bigger area about 6600 square meter w/50 employees for making the percussion instruments and relative accessories. The factory name was also changed to be MAXTONE MUSICAL INSTRUMENT MFG. CO., LTD. instead of previous TAFENGLONG ENT. CO., LTD.



As requested & demanded by our customers!| inquiries to complete their whole ranges due to our good relation and confidence from our customers FIGHTER INDUSTRIES INC. was started in 1993 to run the business of import and export covering the percussion instruments, string instruments, brass/wood instruments & relative accessories/parts.



Since China has been opened to the market with the low material cost and cheap labor wages, we set up our China office in Feb., 2000 in order to supply the competitive instruments to our worldwide customers to meet their market requirements and demands.
Our office - TIANJIN YANG SHENG INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO.,LTD. is located in Tianjin of 25 employees. There are 15 inspectors in our warehouse (2,400 square meters) to test all the instruments before the shipment. Within these 10 years, our sales amount from China has been growing up greatly and continuing increasing.



Our own factory - TIANJIN CHANG YANG MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD. Was established in Jan., 2005 and equipped with ranges of machine equipments such as drilling M/C, Covering-Press M/C. Air Compressor & etc. to be operated by well-trained employees to produce the qualified instruments.

With our continuous improvements, developments and efforts our current customers have been worldwide for more than 300 in 100 countries .We are proud to be the top 150 in this field of the international musical instruments.

We will continue keeping our company policy by supplying the quality products at competitive prices with our efficient service to the customers` satisfaction. We still look forward to your continuous valuable comments/patronage to keep our TAFENGLONG group better and better.


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